About Us

We are a passionate team, doing what we love, with many years of experience in computer science education

our story

In 2017 The Planning & Assessment App was created and we have since worked with hundreds of teachers, school leaders and partners, learning & innovating as we go. We believe in continual innovation and as a result we now work with schools & partners across a number of regions globally

Guided by our values we create solutions for our B2B & B2C clients, keeping their needs at the heart of what we do

Our mission

It is our mission for all students globally to have a high-quality STEM Education

For us, it’s more than just designing and building a Planning & Assessment App. We believe students will receive the best education when teachers also continue to learn and develop, and by integrating just-in-time professional development with each lesson, both the teacher and student benefit.

The Planning & Assessment App enables teachers to tailor the learning experience to suit the learning ability and learning preference of each class & student and the circumstance in which they are being taught including teaching with digital devices, unplugged, SEND and home/school learning. How do the students learn, what methods are used to teach? By answering these questions, together with our clients we build solutions that ensure the teachers are supported and the students can achieve their very best

We are always learning from partners we work alongside and adapting to stay ahead of the curve. We live by our values and believe these are what set us apart in the world of education

how It started

In 2014 when Computing was introduced into the National Curriculum in England, resources to help teachers teach the subject were limited. Those that did exist were not originally created for the purpose of helping students meet the statements in the new program of study or aligned to the statements.

The original version of the Planning & Assessment App was created in 2014 by some of the founding members of CAS. A simple website was created as a repository to bring together the resources that were available at that time and 'tag' them to the subject strands and statements for each of the Key Stages 1-4.

Today we work with partners & schools worldwide and The Planning & Assessment App maps resources from a number of global partners to International, regional, country and district curriculum/subject frameworks & progression frameworks and links these resources & lessons to markbooks