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These 2 offers are available for schools until 31st July 2022

schoolS in PRIORITY AREAS 5&6*
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  • The support from the industry sponsor enables Magpie Education to support your primary school in the following way:
  • STEP 1
  • Assessment of the teachers’ current capabilities and subject knowledge to identify the knowledge gaps
  • Review of curriculum and schemes-of-work currently used
  • Audit of the devices/apps/tech available to the teachers and students
  • STEP 2
  • Create a PD plan for the teachers based on the NCCE PD courses, to enable them to close the subject knowledge gap
  • Design bespoke schemes-of-work, using NCCE resources and associated content, for each year group considering the outcomes of the 3 areas above. This is then transferred to the Computing Planning & Assessment App
  • Onboard teachers to the Computing Planning & Assessment App and other required Apps/Platforms, which includes setting up the school, creating classes, assigning students to classes and setting up the markbooks ready for assessment
  • Create and implement a teacher training plan for both initial & ongoing product training for Apps, devices & tech
  • This provision enables us to run this programme for 3 years (Sept 2021 – July 2024) at no cost to primary schools in NCCE Areas 5&6
£200 1st year & 
£300 per year recurring
Learn more about the sponsor
  • The support from the industry sponsor enables Magpie Education to support your primary school but this is not 100% funded

    This subsided offer enables us to provide the same experience (STEP 1 & 2), with a set-up cost of £200 for the first year and an annual recurring cost of £300 per year
  • Note: At our discretion we may include some schools in the fully funded programme that are not in Priority Areas 5&6


Journey Browser

Resources available from selected popular & respected publishers, not-for-profit organizations and edtech companies

Content provides for teaching with digital devices, SEND and home/school learning

Journey Editor

Use pre-published schemes-of-work or plan and create your own

Ensures you can meet the needs and academic abilities of ALL your students

Create and edit lesson content - Make applicable and relevant for local applications and project based learning


Learning Journeys are aligned and mapped to multiple curriculum & progression frameworks and subjects

Learning Journeys can be mapped to a number of subjects maximizing cross-curricula integration


Organise & publish your learning journeys/markbooks to all teachers across you school(s)

Journeys & Markbooks can be organized by key stage, year groups or individual classes

Reduces individual teacher workload and ensures consistency & continuity of teaching


The assessment module is a practical solution for assessment without levels

Each activity within a lesson can be mapped to learning objectives and progression statements, and can be added to the markbooks

This enables both class & student progression to be viewed against an activity/lesson, learning objective(s) and progression statements


Reports in real-time can be generated to help schools understand the impact of their support for students & teachers

Student progression & Teacher progression can be tracked in real-time giving early warning/early intervention opportunities  

The platform also enables school inspectors to see evidence of planning, delivery & assessment

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